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Indian Ocean Dojo aikido is gendai budo (modern martial art) that has synthesised jujutsu tactics and techniques into a unique and effective system of self-protection that seeks to control an attack and neutralise violence. IOD aikido is derived from the system that Jan de Jong Sensei devised following his association with the famous Mochizuki Sensei, and from his own mastery of Tsutsumi Hozan-ryu jujutsu.

IOD aikido, like jujutsu, is a principles-based art that is flexible in its tactics and techniques. It is characterised by circular motion that redirects attacks, and by mobility in the execution of technique. IOD aikido is notable for its combat effectiveness, underpinned by its use of atemi-waza (striking technique), engagement with skilled attacks, and integration with weapon practice.

IOD aikido practitioners have high-level self-protection skills, a strong and harmonious spirit, and integrity of purpose.


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