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The Indian Ocean Dojo:

  • provides public classes and private tuition
  • provides public and corporate sector training
  • is located in South Fremantle

For more information about classes, membership, or training needs, please contact: Robert Hymus on 0431 980 979 or email

Specialised instruction

The Indian Ocean Dojo provides instruction for children of all ages. Self-protection skills and awareness assist with a child's personal safety, and their confidence and capability in engaging other activities throughout their life.

Skilled IOD teachers, and a carefully modified curriculum, ensure the wellbeing of children, and that they enjoy their training!

personal protection for women and men
Indian Ocean Dojo self-protection skills are readily adapted to the immediate needs of women or men in threatening or violent situations. Efficient yet powerful movements give people of any age or background a fighting chance in a violent assault. An awareness of self-protection strategies can pre-empt assault; tactical awareness enables appropriate and effective use of the environment.

Women and men training at the IOD learn to protect themselves and their families effectively, and with dignity.

law enforcement - military - security
Specialised close combat instruction is available to law enforcement, military and security personnel: restraint and removal technique, prisoner handling and securing, weapon retention and disarm, and baton technique.

specialised weapon training
The Indian Ocean Dojo offers instruction in jojutsu (stick art). Weapon training complements and enhances unarmed self-protection skills.

worksite training
The Indian Ocean Dojo customises instruction in self-protection and in traditional warrior arts to suit the training needs of an organisation or team. IOD teachers adapt ancient warrior strategies and techniques to the specific challenges of the workplace, in a professional and friendly manner, and in a way that will give your team an edge.


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