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The Indian Ocean Dojo is a small and personal school in the traditional way. Instruction in jujutsu and aikido is professional and friendly, and available for people of all ages.

The school teaches the strategies, tactics and techniques of Tsutsumi Hozan-ryu* jujutsu, a fighting art that provides highly effective self-protection skills for people of wide-ranging backgrounds. The art integrates unarmed technique with the use of weapons such as the stick and sword. The Indian Ocean Dojo also provides instruction in a unique system of aikido that emphasizes combat effectiveness underpinned by sophisticated style.

In the style of past generations of Tsutsumi Hozan-ryu masters, the IOD senior teacher Hymus Sensei teaches not only fighting skill, but also fighting spirit; a spirit based on respect and understanding.

* ryu - a traditional school or style of Japanese martial practice


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